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Travel connex newsletter - Feb 2023

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Welcome to the very first Travel Connex Newsletter!

Big news here at Travel Connex!

We are creating a monthly newsletter to keep you in the loop with all the latest updates at Travel Connex as well as provide valuable tips and information on life as a travel nurse.

This newsletter was created in collaboration with Drew Jones, founder of Travel Connex and Katie Fitts, founder of Nurse Never Lost.

A little about us

drew jones, rn

founder travel connex

Drew has been a nurse since 2015 and started travel nursing in the ER in 2017. He has worked with several different agencies to complete over 25 contracts all over the Southeastern United States. Drew met his wife, Kaela, also an ER nurse, during his first travel nurse contract. Now Drew and Kaela travel together as what they jokingly call a “package deal.”

As they began their travel nurse journey together, they experienced many ups and downs and made costly mistakes. To learn as much as he could and to avoid making the same mistakes, Drew spent hours each week researching. He also spent time sharing this information with other travel nurses so that they too could avoid the mistakes.

Drew realized there was a lack of information available for travel nurses, especially new travel nurses and he wanted to change that. In 2018, he started the Facebook group called “The Travel Nurse’s Guide” to be able to share what he had learned about being a travel nurse and how to avoid costly mistakes. The group now has over 35,000 members and has provided information and resources to help thousands of travel nurses.

In 2022, Drew decided he wanted to help travel nurses in an even bigger way. He created Travel Connex - The #1 Travel Nurse Super Site/App. Travel Connex is designed to be the "one stop shop” for travel nurses dedicated to providing the resources you need. Whether you are a nurse looking to start travel nursing or an experienced travel nurse, Travel Connex has something for you.

Katie Fitts, rn

founder nurse never lost

Katie has been a nurse for 10 years, half of which has been spent doing travel nursing. Her background includes ED nursing and Preop/Pacu nursing. Katie has done over 17 assignments all across the country. She has had many varied experiences including a COVID crisis assignment, a stint as a camp nurse, and as a COVID contact tracer.

Travel nursing has changed her life in so many incredible ways. It has allowed her more financial freedom, the chance to travel the country, and the schedule flexibility she dreamed of. She spends about 9 months out of the year working and the rest vacationing and relaxing.

However, travel nursing has not been without its challenges for Katie. Along her journey as a travel nurse, she also had her share of difficulties and mistakes. She too, found a lack of resources for not only beginning travel nursing but continued support throughout the career.

In 2022, she created her blog and website, Nurse Never Lost, to help nurses navigate the road to a successful travel nurse career. She has written articles for likes of The Gypsy Nurse, Kamana Health, TravCon, and Furnished Finders. She also teaches a course, Teach Me How to Travel Nurse, which walks you through beginning travel nursing step by step. In 2022, she also founded Never Lost Travel, a travel group curating international trips for nurses with current destinations of South Africa, Egypt, and Greece.

As of February 2023, we have decided to partner together to bring the very best travel nurse information to you. Together we are working to support travel nurses through education, resources, and community. We are excited to work together and help you along your travel nurse career!

What you can expect

A monthly newsletter with Travel Connex updates and links to valuable travel nurse resources. We will also discuss a topic of interest relevant to the travel nurse world.

what's happening at travel connex today

Have you checked our Resource Page? Get help finding a tax professional, travel nurse insurance, and more! All the listed providers are vetted and reviewed by seasoned travel nurses.

Travel Connex Resources

Insurance - Looking for insurance? Whether is it health, liability, disability, or renters insurance let Travel Connex help you find the best option for you.

Taxes and Finances - Use one of the travel nurse recommended CPAs on Travel Connex to handle your taxes and allow you to focus more on what you do best!

Nursing Certifications - Is one of your certifications about to expire? No worries....check out Travel Connex's list of certified instructors. Get enrolled in a virtual class ASAP.

Mortgage and Auto Loans - Looking to buy a home or vehicle? Let Travel Connex help you find the best lender for you!

Transportation and Housing Services - Let Travel Connex help you find your next housing and get there safely.

One on One Sessions - Book a session for one on one coaching or tax and legal advice!

Travel Nurse Courses - Free and paid in depth classes to get you on the road to success!

Travel Nurse Blog - Check out our latest read for travel nursing!

up and coming at travel connex

Travel Connex is currently working on a job board for INTERNAL CONTRACTS. The job board will make finding internal contracts and contacting the facility much easier.

New blog articles are also in the works!


thank you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our first monthly newsletter. We look forward to a new and exciting year here at Travel Connex!

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletters to keep up to date on all our latest news and updates. Feel free to send us a message or leave us a comment, we value your feedback.

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Drew Jones
Drew Jones

Can’t wait to read next months newsletter!

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