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Drew Jones

My nursing career started in 2015 as an ER nurse. After 2 years as a staff nurse, I took a giant leap and I accepted my first travel contract and I have not looked back since. Since then I have spent thousands of hours researching and learning everything I could about travel nursing. Over the years, I have completed dozens of contracts all over the Southeast U.S. Travel nursing has changed my life more than I could have ever imagined and I want to help you do the same!

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My Story

In 2017, I decided to pursue travel nursing due to feeling under appreciated and underpaid as a staff nurse.

However, I had a serious problem. I had no idea how to get started with travel nursing. I had so many uncertainties and did not even know what questions I should be asking or who I should ask.

Without going into the full drama, I basically did what almost all other new travel nurses do which is ask around about what agency is the best and then visit their website, look at the contracts they have posted, and wait for a recruiter to contact me. Unfortunately, this path was very slow and led me getting taken advantage of by my recruiter.

I did not even realize I had been taken advantage of until another travel nurse working beside me told me he was making $500 (40% higher pay) more per week than me….

After learning about how I had been taken advantage of I felt defeated, frustrated, and angry at my recruiter. I knew something had to change.

After hundreds of hours of relentlessly researching, talking to recruiters, reading posts, comments, and blogs related to travel nursing I started developing a strategy that helped me not only get higher paying contracts but also saved me lots of time.


With all of the knowledge my wife and I have learned over the years as travel nurses we have been able to find, negotiate, and complete over 40 contracts all over the Southeast U.S. 

Travel nursing has impacted both of our lives in an unimaginable way. My wife was able to pay off $35,000 of student loans in less than one year of travel nursing. I have been able to fund our family's emergency fund,  increase retirement and investment contributions, and together we have purchased our first home.

We want to share our knowledge and strategies with you because we believe they can help you achieve your goals and dreams just like they did for us!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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