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7 tips for financial wellness as a travel nurse

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If there's one thing that's on people's minds lately it's finances. Between travel nurse jobs being a little more scarce, rising inflation, and worries over a recession, it's important more than ever to manage your money well.

And as travel nurses, we often have the ability to make significantly more money than we did as staff nurses. But what do we do with that money?

One of my personal goals this year is to get "financially fit" and start learning about finances and I recently encountered a fantastic financial advisor who specializes in helping travel nurses! I work with Adam Ranum of Northwester Mutual. He has been patient and has the ability to explain things to me in a manner I understand. I am looking forward to working with him to get my finances on track!

So where to start to get "financially fit" so to speak? Let's take a look at some tips!

financial wellness tips

1- Budget – Know your net income versus expenses and plan according to your goals with the leftover amount.

2 - Pay off high interest debts first – It's costing you money, get rid of them as soon as possible!

3 - Emergency Fund – Keep 3-6 months of base living expenses in your checking or savings account.


Take advantage of the new higher interest rates lately and find an account with a good interest rate. I recently switched over to Sofi. Not only do I get paid a day and a half early, but it offers competitive interest rates for both checking and savings! I get 1.2% APY on checking and 4.25% on savings and they also offer investment accounts. I have been super impressed with them. If you sign up here you get a $25 bonus and up to $250 when you set up direct deposit!

4 - Disability Insurance– Disability protects your income. Every financial goal you have starts with your income. Make sure it is protected with short and long term disability insurance in case of illness or injury.

5- Invest Early & Invest Often– Understand the impact time has on compounding interest. Because many travelers don’t plan to travel their entire career, save a lot now and invest for the future.

6 - Retirement – Never ignore retirement, always invest. Be sure to track and or rollover old retirement accounts from previous jobs and staffing agencies. It's easy to lose track with all the various agencies you may have worked for in the past! I recommend keeping track of all your accounts through something like Mint.

7 - Have a Financial Plan – Work with a dedicated financial professional that understands your situation and goals. They can help design, build, and implement a financial plan that works specifically for you.

Obviously there is a LOT to learn about finances and these tips are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are interested in learning more about finances, join Adam Ranum Wednesday June 7th for a free webinar about financial wellness for travel nurses!

We will be posting the information in the our Facebook group later this week!

What's Happening Now at Travel Connex

Happy belated nurses week!

We hope everyone had a great nurse's week! At risk of sounding cliche, we ARE the very heartbeat of healthcare. Healthcare literally couldn't run without us. It's been a heck of a few years as a nurse due to COVID and all the changes and fluctuations within healthcare these past few years. It's been a challenge to say the least.

We see you, we hear you, we support you. Please give yourself some love and treat yourself to something awesome. You 1000% percent deserve it!

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need advice?

Take $25 off and book a call with one of your veteran travel nurses. We want to help you get on your way to travel nursing!

Confused on where to start? Not sure if you are ready? Let us help! Now more than ever, you need a seasoned travel nurse by your side to help you navigate the windy road of travel nursing. Katie is getting ready to start assignment #18!

Katie Fitts

Travel RN, BSN


travel connex resources

need to level up your negotiating skills?

Check out the best resource available, the Maxed Out Negotiations Course by none other than Travel Connex founder Drew Jones! He has helped hundreds of people get the knowledge they need to get the money they deserve.

Are you in the market to buy a house?

Check out our recent post about Buying a House as a Travel Nurse. Great tips on how you can be prepared!

finally ready to start travel nursing?

looking for additional travel nurse resources?

Don't forget to check out our resources page! From taxes, to housing, to insurance and beyond, we are steadily working to provide you the best travel nurse resources!

up and coming

  • Teach Me How to Travel Nurse July 2023 - a beginner's course for travel nursing. Walking you through getting prepared for travel nursing, finding the right companies and recruiters, the job interview process, credentialing, and what to expect on the first week on the job. This comprehensive course covers all your bases so you will be ready to start travel nursing when the time is right!

  • Internal Contract Board - With hospitals feeling the crunch after COVID to decrease expenses, hospitals are turning towards internal contracts to meet staffing needs. Stay tuned for the up and coming Internal Contract Board!

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