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10 quick tips to get started travel nursing

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Are you considering starting travel nursing? Travel nursing takes research and planning. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming and it can be hard to know where to start.

Here are 10 quick tips to get started travel nursing!

1- get your experience

First and most important is your experience. The bare minimum of experience is 1 year in your speciality, but 2 years or more is highly recommended. The more experience the better. You will only have 2-3 days of orientation and are then expected to be on your own and taking a full patient assignment. Make sure you have a solid foundation in your specialty!

2- get your certifications up to date

Most contracts will require you to have certain certifications pertaining to your speciality. Take a look at when yours expire prior to traveling. If you can, get recertifications such as BLS, ACLS, PALS, NIHSS, etc while at your home hospital or hometown. On the road it can be hard to find classes to update your certifications. It is best to start with everything ready to go!

3- have a tax home

The way travel nurses typically make money is through non taxed stipends. In order for you to have non taxed stipends, you need to have a tax home. An example is to own a home or rent a room; a place you spend a certain amount of time a year and pay to upkeep. There can be a lot of grey area when it comes to tax homes. Please refer to a tax professional on what qualifies as a "tax home" for further details.

4- have an emergency fund

This is highly recommended. Travel nursing can be a little tumultous at times! Be sure to have an emergency fund to cover if a contract gets cancelled, or if you can't find a job in your expected time frame.

5- have a good reliable car

You are going to be putting a lot of miles on your car. Make sure it is in good shape to get you across the country and back in all your travels! Be sure to keep up with all regular maintenance and have good tires.

6- determine where you want to go

Have an idea where you want to travel. Not all companies have the same contracts. If you are open to go anywhere, you will have many more options. If you have a particular idea of where you want to go, it may be worth researching companies that have the best offers in that area. Create a free profile with Vivian . Vivian is a great resource for viewing which companies offer which contracts and comparing pay packages. If you are looking for local contracts or PRN work, Medely, ShiftKey, or Snap Nurse are good resources.

7- research travel nurse companies

There are a numerous travel nurse companies. If you have a specific location, research the companies you see on Vivian based on location. If not, research which ones provide the benefits you want. I recommend picking 2-3 to work with to start and seeing what they have to offer. Bluepipes blog is a great resource for comparing agencies.

8- Be ready to get out of your comfort zone

A different hospital, computer system, protocols, policy, job duties and coworkers every 3 months can be a little daunting! Here's to getting out of your comfort zone! Take a deep breath, you got this.

9- have an open mind

Just because your old hospital did it one way, doesn't mean it is the only way! Have an open mind, learn and grow.

10- bring your sense of adventure

We happen to live in one the most beautiful countries in the world! Bring your sense of adventure to go explore new places, meet new people, and make unforgettable memories! Don't forget to HAVE FUN!


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