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How to Take an Extended Vacation as a Travel Nurse

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

I am a travel nurse and I recently took over 90 days off for a “holiday break!”

I was able to do this because of 2 main reasons:

  • The 1st reason is that travel nursing has provided me with the financial ability and the freedom of choice to be able to take such an extended period of time off from work.

  • The 2nd reason is that I have Private Health Insurance.

Since I have private insurance my medical, dental, and vision coverage is not associated with my employer or employment. Meaning no matter if I am employed or not as long as I pay my monthly premium my family and I are covered. This allows me to relax a little more during my holiday break and also prevents me from being rushed into accepting my next contract after being off for only 30 days due to loss of insurance coverage.

So if you are looking to add more freedom to your schedule this year and be less reliant on your agency I highly recommend looking into getting insurance from somewhere other than your staffing agency.

Getting private insurance was an easy decision for me because it

  • prevents gaps in coverage between contracts,

  • prevents you from being pressured into accepting a bad contract just to keep health insurance coverage with an agency,

  • prevents your deductible from starting over every time you swap agencies

  • and it makes swapping agencies much easier because your insurance coverage never stops.

Agencies and hospitals are changing, breaking, and cancelling contracts more frequently now and I just don’t like relying on an agency for something as important as health insurance.

Some recruiters will even use that to their advantage if they know you are desperate to find a contract because your health insurance coverage is about to lapse.

I have private insurance and I pay $225/month for medical, dental, and vision coverage. It covers me no matter what state I work in and it has no deductible.

The insurance I use has 3 agents that work very close together and have taken great care of me and my family. Their names are Andrew, Jasmine, and Anthony.

If you are interested in getting more information related to private health insurance use the CHAT box on the right side of your screen to send me a message. Simply type "Insurance" and I will send you more information.

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