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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

A travel nurse phone interview can be overwhelming or maybe even a little scary

I remember when my recruiter told me to be expecting my first ever travel nurse phone interview. I had no clue what to expect or how to prepare. I had been looking for a contract for over five weeks and did not want to mess up this opportunity. I was very nervous.

I assumed it was going to be similar to the job interview I had when I was hired as a staff nurse. However, it was nothing like a traditional job interview. It was more of a time for me to interview the department manager and learn more about the department I would be potentially working in.

During the phone interview it is key to ask all your important questions. Even though a travel nurse phone interview is not as intense as a traditional job interview it can still be tough to remember all your questions. I have found it to be very helpful to have a list of all your questions written down or saved on your phone. Below is my list of questions I have saved on my phone to help me remember what questions to ask.

1. Orientation process? 2. Charting system? 3. Nurse to patient ratio 4. Are there Techs and other ancillary staff? 5. Are there other travelers in the department? How many? 6. Will I be floated to other floors? 7. Will I be called off or cancelled if the census is low? 8. How is scheduling handled? Block schedule? Self-schedule? Holidays? On-Call? 9. Am I allowed to work overtime? 10. Uniform requirement? Scrub colors? Do I have to cover my tattoo(s)? 11. Average experience level of other nurses in the department? 12. Common patient demographics? 13. Is English the main language spoken by patients? 14. Parking? Free or paid? 15. During the phone interview it is important to sound excited to have gotten an interview.

What other questions do you ask?

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