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Looks like Maxim is being sued by 3 travel nurses….I bet you can guess why!

Check out the article below



What are your thoughts on the current pay rates?

Do you expect rates to ever go back up again?

🚨Finding GOOD PAYING contracts is getting harder….

Do not settle for the subpar pay rates that is being offered right now for some contracts.

There are still good paying contract available.

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Pay rates have dropped and cost of living has increased…..

Is it still worth it to be a travel nurse? Why or why not?

Sharon Ombres
Sharon Ombres
Jun 21, 2022

It is a lifestyle. I am new to travel nursing and got into it at end of Covid Crises. I have enjoyed the extra money and hope it all doesn't go away. I would love to really travel but it sure won't make sense if the cost to rent a place outways what the stipends offer. We should be getting extra to help the hospital and medical fields out. New places, New jobs, stressful situations.



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